Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Liverpool ladies think they're most natural-looking in UK

When it comes to putting the slap on, the ladies of Liverpool seem to rival those of Essex for loving their lashings of fake tan and elaborate eye makeup.

But a recent survey by Superdrug of almost 2,000 women has found that Liverpudlian ladies believe they're the most natural-looking in the UK.

The survey found that ladies in Liverpool leave home without their slap on 17 times a month, with 55 per cent saying they're happy to face the world without their makeup, reports the Daily Mail.

We're going to have to assume the stars of Desperate Scousewives weren't questioned.

In fact, 95% of Liverpudlian women prefer to look as natural as possible, with the average girl wearing a full face of makeup just a few days a week. The ladies of Liverpool are so confident with their low-key appearance that they'll even leave the house with rollers in their hair.

"We sell more false lashes than anywhere else in the country and this survey backs up these sales figures showing that Liverpool women are confident enough to step out without a scrap of make-up in the day, then transform themselves at night into a real glamour puss," says Superdrug beauty director, Sara Wolverson.

"This is a positive message for all women out there, the secret of looking beautiful all the time is having that inner confidence, and let's face facts, a really good moisturiser."

According to the survey, Norwich, Portsmouth, Cambridge and Edinburgh rounded out the top five places where women felt most confident stepping out au natural.

The survey also found that women look to natural-looking celebrities like the Duchess of Cambridge, Holly Willoughby, Emma Watston, Kate Winslet and Keira Knightley for beauty inspiration.

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