Sunday, 12 February 2012

Extreme weather turns Europe into ice sculpture show

An Audi hatchback in Lake Geneva was completely covered in ice
Last night, Britain experienced the -18C in some places - the coldest night of winter so far.

But we're not the only place enduring extreme cold conditions.

Some parts of Europe have been plunged into -20C - and conditions are turning everyday objects and landscapes into giant icicles.

On the waterside promenade at the Lake Geneva in Versoix, Switzerland, an Audi hatchback looked like part of an art show as it was covered from roof to wheels in ice.

The Eiffel Tower neighbourhood in Paris.
Freezing conditions in Paris have turned the water in the Eiffel Tower neighbourhood to ice, while Turkey is also experiencing a severely cold snap, with a foot of snow falling in some parts, and temperatures reaching -20C, according to the Daily Mail.

Chunks of ice are blocking navigation on the Danube River in Romania, Europe's main commercial waterway, which winds 2,860km (1,770 miles) from Germany to the Black Sea.

Many European capital cities are doing all they can to protect the homeless, setting up shelters to help them survive the cold.

An adventurous climber in Cumbria.
Half-term getaway drivers in Britain are being warned of treacherous conditions on the road thanks to freezing rain, but, according to the The Daily Express, Heathrow has said it has 185 snowploughs and 486 snow-clearing staff in a bid to avoid the flight cancellations that occurred in bad weather last weekend.

Meanwhile, the Sahara Desert in north Africa received its first snowfall in 30 years, reports the Metro.

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