Saturday, 25 February 2012

The balancing barn: the weirdest holiday home in the UK?

Holiday idea of the day: a house that defies the laws of gravity.

Half of this 'balancing barn' sits precariously over a descending slope - ie, there's no ground underneath - so this house actually shifts and balances.

Gently swaying in the countryside of Thorington, Suffolk, this boundary-pushing holiday let was created by Netherlands-based architectural firm MVRDV, apparently in an bid to allow guests the unusual experience of "floating over nature".

"The fact that the building moves a little bit is quite exciting and part of the experience of it. But how do you make sure it doesn't move too much? That was a big challenge," says the designer.

As well as shifting like a gentle see-saw, the house is reflective on the outside, so it bounces images of the sky and fields and trees back at you. There's a glass floor and even a swing under the house for a truly moving experience. For more images, see photographer

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